The Dream 

By Moyinoluwa Okunloye

“Babe, I have being calling you since morning to no avail. Why is that? Foladoye started the minute Ose picked the call.

“Am sorry, honey but the phone started misbehaving again. You know how it is……It went off and then came back on by itself. I really am tired of it. Am sorry, Sweetie”

He kept quiet for some seconds then continued to the reason he called in the first place.

Ose almost smiled to the back of her mouth after he continued talking. She knew he would understand. He always does. He seldom complains about anything and when he did, it was always in a cautious tone. Sometimes, she thinks he is not real. He cannot just be like this. Nobody is ever like this.

Foladoye is an investment banker and a business owner, a 6ft tall brown skin gentleman with a smile wide enough to light up the whole room. His well-trimmed beard with that perfect grin is usually the bribe he gives whenever he does something that Ose disapprove of. He would come up with that grin, turned her stomach with mixed feelings of anger and love at the same time and give her the puppy look. How can someone be so perfect? Ose would find offence in everything that he did and he would make sure he turned it around so that she would give up on her anger.

Recently, she became really afraid of him and all his kind gestures. They have being together for five whole months now and still he remains perfect. “When will the other shoe drop,” that’s the question she keep asking herself every day. She wants totally for him to do something really terrible to her, something just to show that no man is to be trusted.

“You cannot trust a man, my dear. In fact, you shouldn’t be vulnerable around them, or else they take you for granted and then ride over you.” She’s heard that over and over again and as if that is not enough, she had experienced it in her previous relationships. As a matter of fact, she’s sworn never to totally trust ANY man ever again. She will not be deceived again by any man feigning some love and care only for him to turn against her when all her guards are down with him. She’s had enough for a life time.

But Fola is kinda different………..

One could almost tell that he is real. “Babe, I don’t know what you have been through with other men. I am not saying I am perfect, but all I am saying is that you will never have to regret ever being with me. I love you and I will do anything for you. Stop waiting for me to fail you, because I don’t plan on doing that,” that’s what he says every time she gave the look. That look that tells him that he is ‘a suspect,’ the look that says, “I don’t trust you.” But isn’t that what they always say? Promising heaven and earth only to disappoint at the end of the day?

Her heart has refused to stop pounding, not necessarily because she was afraid of him but because she has started to “get into” this guy. Her guard is starting to drop and she is scared that the consequence of any dent from this relationship will mar her for life.

No way will she allow this man see her vulnerable, No. “Ose, get a grip on yourself. Nobody is this perfect,” she kept telling herself and every time, she psyched herself to believing it.

“Ms. Ose, Oga is here to pick you.” That was Sam, the security man at her office. They already know Fola to come pick her every evening from work. Sometimes, they would go out to grab something to eat and other times (most times) he just took her straight to her house to be catch an early rest.

He was already waiting by the door and had it opened for her as she walked to the car. She gave him the smile, the signature smile that she can afford to give to him alone and mouthed, “Thank you” as she made to sit at the passenger seat. But she couldn’t sit.

On her seat were two wrapped boxes, a small one and a medium sized box. She looked at him, astonished as to what the occasion was that she would deserve such gifts. It’s not her birthday and it’s not even his, so what is the occasion?

“Open it,” he said.

And she did. And then she froze. She was doomed. It was a laptop, her most important need and a phone. He pays the most attention to every details. How will she get out of this? She was doomed.

Or is it a dream? Somebody pinch Ose.

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