glow….baby, glow

By Okunloye Moyinoluwa

Why this happens, I still don’t know. You wake up early in the morning and you are already out of energy! I don’t get it. Aren’t one supposed to be agile and hearty in the morning? Baby, why are you so tired? Why are you so passive to life and everything in it? I try everyday to understand you, but I do not even get to see you often because you are always hurdled up in that hole of yours.

Honey, listen to me, I do not know everything that happened to you. I may never know, I just wish that you will get over it. I wish you will stop giving up before you even start every beautiful things you’ve always wanted to achieve. I wish you would take yourself more seriously.

I wish you will speak up and air your opinion once in a while. I so much wish you will think your opinion as cogent and important enough that you would want to contribute. You definitely know that the world most of the time will see you through your perception of yourself.

Baby, stop being so disjointed and disconnected from the world. Be motivated honey. Every time you feel like doing what you love, please don’t hesitate. If you don’t do it at that time, you might end up being even more unhappy and unfulfilled.

Remember to always allow your mind control what you feel and not the circumstances around you. Baby, that means you have to always keep your mind focused on being positive and motivated. If you are strong, challenged and agile in your mind, then you won’t be so tired all of the time. Stay strong, Baby.

I love you. Glow…….baby, glow

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