Just a minute………

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Everywhere is just so congested. I mean, I can’t breathe. If only I could have thirty minutes to myself, I could do a lot with that. I mean, I need some space to myself.

Nobody gets it in my house. I can’t wait to leave for the office, be in my cubicle…….my cubicle…..just me. 

Oh no! Dude….not today. I do not have your time this morning. What is wrong with you all? Why can’t you leave me be? Anyway, I will soon be on my way home where I can get all the time I want to myself.

I can’t wait to be married and be alone with my husband…..yes, my husband. Just me and my husband-away from all the worries, problems and troubles-in the world that we will create with God.

Photo credit: Pinterest.com

Oh! Babe, aren’t you going out today? Nothing, I just thought you were going to see your friend or probably you would have a meeting at the office or something….you know.

This kids! Go and meet Mummy, I need this time, Ok! Please.

Oh! Great, am alone. This feels good, thank God. 

It’s just for a second, then the world start moving again. It is as though the remote has no “pulse” button. 

And No, it shouldn’t. the world should keep revolving, only that I get some space to breathe in it.

I feel so choked. I have so much to do within a short time. I am overly stressed. Things are not just the way I planned. I need a breather……just to figure things out.

Maybe…. Maybe not

Or is this congestion in my head? Is it my mind that needs some space? I need some space and time to figure that out and know which is it.


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