Woman, do you even know you? 

By Oke Oluwatosin (Bamitale)

I’ve heard to ask myself today who a woman is. I searched my heart all day for the entire search engines in this world cannot search out who truelly a woman is. But then I asked myself, do women really know who they are and what they are worth? 

This question I had to asked myself, not to get the exact definition of a woman or belittle the self-understanding of a woman, but to pinpoint and appreciate the essence and basic features a woman should have. Back to my question, who is a woman! I found out a woman is many things and one thing. Don’t get confused, you will understand this in due course.
I think starting from the fact that a woman is many things makes logical sense; scientist will say moving from the general to the particular. Enough of derailing, let’s get back to the question; who is a woman?  Looking at the women in my life, it is succinct for me to say an ideal woman is a wall of protection and consolation when life pushes one so hard to initiate a fall. When life has taken a toil on one, a good woman is a go-to person for strength and protection.
A woman is also an unrepented optimiser. At the face of limited resources with abounding wants,  a good woman is a good manager who optimise available resources to meet needs, hence, less worry is put on how needs will be met when the woman is available. Furthermore, a woman is a motivator, the force behind the upward movement of destiny elevation. You know what, when you are discouraged and perplexed, a good and ready source of inspiration to greese your engine and carry on is a woman- A great motivator.
Now don’t get bored, let me tell you one feature you will probably laugh at… A woman is an Actress (laughs). You will agree with me that women are natural actresses. You don’t agree? Okay, what about this- A woman, responding to either internal or external stimuli can start dancing and rejoicing to what only they can understand. A woman create scenes to excite or express their feelings even without words at times. The beauty of this is that women create fun, they add flavour to lives.
Have you gotten the gist yet? The last but not the least; a woman is Nitty. Women are beautiful, elegant, sweet and precious creatures to behold. These attributes adds pleasure to the world and gives a man a sense of worth when he has a good woman in his life. The beauty and elegance of a woman make men see them as their assets when with peers, they tend to be protective of the woman as theirs and theirs alone. Just like flowers, women add color and sweetness to the sight.
In summary, a woman is the many things mentioned above and a one thing- a woman is the completion of the creation. Little wonder she is good at putting finishing touch to things. Without women, the world is not complete. Creation was incomplete until woman was created -hence women completes a man’s world without which a huge gap would be created- single guys can humbly testify, little wonder the good ones are classified as good things commanding favour.
Yes I know, not all women fits these definitions right? not even all of those in my life does, but wait, I think statistics taught me I can genralise once I have 90% level of significance. Majority of the ones in my life does. So, If you are a good woman and you are reading this,  this is me saying I appreciate you; you are our wall of consolation, you optimise our resources, a great motivator, you act for us, you are nitty and you complete our world. Somebody said the beginning of the letters spells ‘Woman?’ really?
Now I won’t ask myself anymore, I would rather ask you as a woman; do you know who you are? Do you know your worth? I celebrate all the women in my life. 

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