By Oke Oluwatosin

If only Love can be much easier without fears
If only love can come without complications
One could proclaim to the universe at the instance of a lovely feeling,
‘oh! I’m so in Love’

How can someone in love still be in the fear of the unknown?
Is perfect love not supposed to cast away all fears?
The matters of the heart are indeed delicate
Who has the understanding?

If life is not as difficult as made by men
It would be practically useless to think twice before taken a seemingly love step.
Why have a rethink when your heart says forward match?
Is love really this difficult?

Love is beautiful, fun and desiring.
Though not entirely easy, it’s never complicated, Men and Women are!
A test of love is your degree of readiness to flex your personal philosophies.

If you are not ready to, you are the complication, not Love.

Photo Credit: Safebytes

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