Afraid I might say less

By Oke Oluwatosin

When love is genuine, one feels the bit of it far and near;
The mental appearance of love forms an imagery beyond the physical;
The euphoria that murders every literary explanations;
The readiness to take a risk, to make mistakes only with you, my love.

To my love who has captured my heart
Do not believe only the words that my mouth speak;
For my lips speaks less of the volumes in my heart
Please, listen to the voice of my heart.

Listen to my heart speaking to you,
that’s the heart to heart discuss that can save me
For I seek abode from the word dearth I find myself
If only you will help me, My Love!

If you try and cannot clearly see my heart speaking and yearning for you,
Please have every reasons to doubt my love for you…
A knitted heart is what I seek, do this for me
Else I speak too little of the magnitude of the love I have for you.

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