My Village People

BY Moyinoluwa Okunloye

As hard as life may be
As tough as situations may present itself
As cold as it may be outside
As meaningless/pointless as everything about this world may be
As discouraged as I may be about many pursuits
As lonely as it may appear at times
As sad as a lot of things might make me.

What really keeps me going is the assurance of companionship
It is in the attention of the ears that always listens
It is in the feel of the hands that always comfort
It is in the embrace that soothes
It is solely in the voice that always whispers, “you are not alone, I got you.”

Therefore, no matter how cold or hard life is
I am encouraged with the presence of family
I am blessed with the certainty of love
I am at peace with the disturbance of friends
I feel great knowing that they are always there
And they always will
And they are a legion; an army that would not budge
Even when I push them away.
Even in their silence, their eyes still reassuring
Their door still wide open and
Their hearts always willing.
They are my village people, my absolute wonder from God.

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