“Sunny day at the beach”

Moyinoluwa Okunloye

I am thankful for everything. Today, I look back and I remember all the mountains that I have climbed, the valleys where I have fallen and I discovered that they all got me to where I am. I am thankful to the STORYTELLER who keeps on adding more twists to the plot of my life so that everyday has some interesting (absolutely fascinating) thing to it. It makes me extremely joyful that He is the one in control; it just alleviates my fears. I do know that He is going to go easy on my character though, because He knows my ability (1Cor. 10:13). I am thankful because He is an amazing writer.

I am thankful for friends, families and for you. You are practically my family now, so yes, I am thankful because you are in my life. I feel blessed for the privileged to have the legion of people that I have in my village. I am beyond honoured because this year alone ushered in too many incredible people into my life (you are one important part of that pool). With the people in my life, I have been unburdened of my insecurities. You keep me feeling important; I do not take that for granted.

I am thankful for love; a perfect genuine love that keep growing in my heart for me. It is strange but very beautiful. It is the kind of love that makes me see myself as someone out of myself worthy of an amazing love. I literally would giggle now just thinking about myself and how far I have come …….to this beautiful place where I get to put myself first. I am thankful for the joy that I derive for loving myself so deep. It is beyond what I can put into words.

I am thankful for today; I cannot remember if I dreamt of anything last night. All I know is; I am happy. I feel very JOY FULL like a sunny day at the beach in spite of myself. for that I am thankful. I hope this becomes normal …….even as life will try to snatch it. I hope to still feel Joyful nevertheless.



*Happy Thanksgiving America. I celebrate with you, my Village people all the way from here. I love that this is a thing and I am making it my thing (even if we do not celebrate this in my country).


*Photo Credit: dreamstime.com


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