I am going to CRY!!!

By Moyinoluwa Okunloye

I think I am going to shed tears the first I have to talk about my marriage. I don’t know if every single ladies think that, but I am saying mine out loud. I am going to shed tears of joy for finally getting married to my best friend, but I will shed more tears for all the time that I worried that it might not happen.

I am going to shed a tear for all the time that I thought myself not worthy of love just because I had a dry spell of 2years.

I will cry for all the time that I thought all my other accomplishments worthless just because I had no one to drool over me.

I will cry for every minute that I spent re-evaluating my past relationships and thinking it was doomed because no one could ever cope with me.

For all the times that it crossed my mind that I was the one who forced myself into a relationship with all my exes, I will shed tears.

I will most definitely cry for all the times that I spent re – evaluating my past relationships because I thought I was the problem forgetting that no one person is to blame when such a thing as that crumbles.

I will shed tears for all the times that I cowered and cried because I love marriage so much but was scared it might never happened.

For all the moment that I was spooked by other people’s celebration of love and felt inadequate because I had no man in my life, I will really cry.

I will cry staring right into my husband’s face, seeing his imperfect self through, knowing that he came into my life at the right time, with full understanding that I am a reward/blessing from God to him as much as he is to me and loving him every second of the way. Because it happened as it should, when it should and I am glad it did happen…….with this special man.

Photo credit: Gabby Orcutt on Unsplashed

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