I CAN ……. if I WANT to

By Moyinoluwa Okunloye

This morning, my mind strayed back to a few weeks after I completed my Junior Secondary school examination. I felt so free but so bored. I was not going to be laden with the burden of school for another three months (I think; I can’t remember vividly now) and I needed something to keep myself busy, hence I perish under the load of chores from my never – resting Dear Mum (what I call my guardian). At the time, what was common to do after achieving such feat was to learn how to use a computer (yep!), so I decided to do same and my family were so happy to oblige.

I was so excited on the day that the training was to begin that I got dressed on time and stepped out to the venue; it was a family friend’s workshop. However, when I got there and saw so many people there – some of whom were my age mates – using the computer and typing so fast, I was dejected.  I thought to myself, “I could never in my life know how to type so fast like these people. There is no way I could use CorelDraw or Microsoft PowerPoint like that…….” I was weakened by the sight of experts that were before me. As a matter of fact, one of my Primary school mates was the one assigned to teach me Instant Artist and I felt like “Wow, there’s no way I will know this thing.”

However, I stayed there and learnt what I could before I eventually travelled for the Holiday and in the space of two months, I knew almost everything that I needed to know at that stage of learning. As I type this, I am laughing so hard in my heart because of the speed at which I am typing – something that I thought I could never do – and the fact that I could type a word without even looking at my keyboard. While we now use computer/technology everywhere now (phones, watches, etc.), it was something that I thought was impossible for me to comprehend at a time in my life (isn’t that strange?).


* I just know that there is nothing that I cannot do ……. if I want to do it. Of course, it may not be possible at first, but if I press for it and work hard, it will eventually be done.

Photo Credit: Damian Zaleski on Unsplashed

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