1 ……2! Buckle my shoe …….. A tribute to Pan Atlantic University, Lagos

By Moyinoluwa Okunloye

* This was written immediately after my final exam in 2017 and I still find every word to be true. I met some incredible people there and yes, that was one of my most terrifying decisions ever, but it was totally worth it. Enjoy reading!

It was Advanced Reporting techniques class, on a Monday morning, around 11:30 right after ethics class. As I sat on my usual seat inside Jos classroom waiting for Mr. Ikiebe to commence the day’s lecture, my classmate who sat beside me looked at my feet and back at my face and said, “You know you are wearing that shoe the wrong way right?” I looked down to my feet, back to her face and right back at my feet confused by what she said. “what does she mean am wearing my shoe the wrong way?” 

I love that shoe so much. It was my most comfortable shoe; a black wedge with monochrome at the soles. Mofe, yes, that shoe; the one that is already begging me to stop wearing it. I can’t even remember when I bought it; it’s been so long and I don’t want to let go of it. I had rocked it to every important gathering that I had ever been. I have several pictures that I have taken and posted on Instagram of me wearing this same shoe. So, how could I have been wearing my favourite shoe the wrong way all of these times that I had been “rocking” it? With the confusion written all over my face, I told her to correct the mistake for me. So, she bent to my feet, remove the hook from where I had fixed it and then adjusted it in a way that made it so firm. As she brought her head up, I still could not stop wondering how she did that. So, I kept my head down to my feet and when I did look up, you could tell that I was amazed by what she had just done. It was a big deal to me. I didn’t know that was the way to wear that shoe and I had had it for a long time before I came here. The way she fixed it was perfect, firm and even more beautiful than the way I had worn it since forever that I have had the shoe. So, I smiled and said, “Thank you.”

This is my story of Pan Atlantic University. This is the place where I got a better perspective of my life, of Media and Communication and of having a career. This is where I have developed headaches, not because of anything else, but because I had to think so much of what perspective to tackle an assignment from. I have learnt especially that success is not something attached to my fate, but something that I have to work hard to achieve. Oh! PAU, I cried and blamed myself for ever thinking of coming to this place, but deep down, I am grateful that I did came because I needed this.


Photo credit: audioage.com

I needed PAU to change me from the resilient grown sad little girl that I had become to a more determined, goal oriented, grown lady that I should be. I needed this to affirm to myself that there is no height that I will not attain as far as I am committed to it. I needed PAU to know that God is the great influence and he is always working to create a path. Every day of my stay in PAU was a tired day for me; it was a day of looking for Paracetamol to cure my incessant headaches and I probably would not have come here if I was told it was going to be this challenging, but I am glad that I accepted this challenge.

This challenge that wouldn’t even let me get enough rest after my final exams because of the several ideas that are running through my head is one I love. This challenge that is a path to better good challenges that would launch me forth to my expected success is one that I will never trade for anything else in the world. This challenge that sat me in one classroom with forty –eight phenomenal people that I may never have come across in life is one that I will forever be grateful for. This challenge that taught me to do it right and then went ahead to show me what right means is definitely the challenge that I am glad I did not let go. So, like I said to Joy Osaretin Igbinedion who taught me how to buckle my shoe the right way that wonderful day, I am saying to PAU, “Thank you.” It was indeed worth the while.

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