What happened?

By Moyinoluwa Okunloye

I remember one of those Christmas celebrations that I had spent in my village. I had travelled earlier that Christmas Eve with a family member while my Dear mum was supposed to come join later (my village was just 30mins away). Eventually, when she came in the evening, she came bearing some terrible news – she had just witnessed a horrible accident.

She had seen a mother and child both thrown out the vehicle and dead instantly. she had also seen the skull of a man wide open on the tarred road with blood gushing out. She described some gory images that she had unfortunately set her eyes on and before she could finish, we were all cringing with terror. And to make matters worse, one other family member had seen the whole thing while coming, before paramedics came to take the victims away.


Aside the fact that we were grateful to God for keeping us alive and preventing the horror from happening to us, we were terrified for the families of the victims -We didn’t know them, but we didn’t have to. They were people like us who were excited about the festive period and who were expecting their loved ones together in a place to enjoy the season – together. However, not only were they going to spend the festivity separately, there will be no celebration for them. It just became a sad day for them – one that would go down memory for all the wrong reasons.


We were so sad for them that my Grandparents asked that we say a prayer for them and we did – that was all we could do. We held them in our heart for as long as we could before we continued in our own celebration and catching up with families that we hadn’t seen in a long time.


That was about #fifteenyearago (don’t say it out loud, am going to feel so old). I am aware that a lot has changed but I will like to think that we have or will not stop to be humans. One would think that we will remain compassionate and see another human as an extension of ourselves.


Why then do we think it is ok to take the life of another person just because we heard somewhere that they are not as good as we are. Why are we so angry to the point that the only way we assume we could get peace is by going on a shooting spree thereby killing lots of people? What went so wrong that we no longer feel it when we see the blood of someone else that we go as far as piercing them with a knife? What happened to the little girl and boy in us that cried to Mummy whenever we had a cut or see a friend got bruised? Did we grow up so much so that we got convinced that we could live in the world alone and so we need to wipe away everyone else? Are we even thinking of the next generation after us; what are they going to remember? Is it not going to be ok anymore for us to feel some compassion and just love someone else, even if we are not in any way related to them? Who says we are not even related to them? We are all humans created by God; shouldn’t that just be enough?


 Photo credit: Rux Centea on unsplashed.

What is it with all these jungle justice, and attacks on human lives? What is wrong with the world? How callous have we become that the only thing we wake up to each day and go to bed on each night is the news of killing, massacre and gross injustice to one another? Is it too late to have a rethink and actually BE HUMAN – with compassion, love and consideration? The world cannot continue to be like this. We cannot continue to live like this, otherwise it would be a cruel world to bring some little humans into.


So, for their sake and for all of our sakes – for the world to be a better place, those of us who still have our souls and hearts, let us continue to ensure that it works. Can we?

Photo credit: Heather mount on unsplashed.

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