Miniature Gratitude: The Bliss of BOREDOM

By Moyinoluwa Okunloye

For some time now, I have lived in the busy city of Lagos working, living, thriving and enjoying the city with some of the best people in the world. Now, I love my job (I really do) because it avail me the opportunity to work with the best boss on the planet (she is so amazing) but recently, I started to feel spent. I started to feel like I needed to breathe some fresh air. So, I took a break and travelled to spend time with my family. And it was exactly what I needed.

For the very first time in a long time, I decided not to stick to my plans for the break. With a little push from a friend, I decided to allow myself be bored and oh! I had an overdose of BOREDOM. I enjoyed the bliss of sleeping till late in the morning, reading and editing. I had time to just stare at nothing and just reminisce on how great my life is (trust me, this is not what I would do on a normal day). I had great times just chatting and being with two of my beautiful mums. I got to pick my nephew from school for a whole week which I totally enjoyed doing (That kid is so inspiring). I had great joy just sitting home thinking of what to prepare for dinner for everyone to eat when they get back.


Photo credit: Jessica Castro on Unsplashed.

It was fun rummaging through my sister’s wardrobe and selecting some choicest shoes for myself. She pretends as though she does not like me doing it, but I think she expects it every time I come around (I picked only three pairs this time). I had fun eating from B. J’s plate and just listening to him talk to me and also care for me.

I had great joy just from being bored in the city of Ilorin. It was a city that I am familiar with. I had lived there for a number of years and usually, the pace of growth would make me uncomfortable. But this time, I enjoyed the peace of the city, the love and genuine interest of the people for each other and the opportunity to spend some good time with the people that I absolutely love. I found myself expressing gratitude to God for the bliss of boredom that I enjoyed and for the capacity to choose it. But I am also grateful for the option of another reality; the gift of work. I feel extremely blessed.


Photo credit: Brigitte Tohm on Unsplashed.

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