Miniature Gratitude: Early Bus rides

By Moyinoluwa Okunloye

Before I came to Lagos, I have heard tales of how rough living here would be. One of the highlights of what I was told was how people had to chase buses to enter and alight from them because the buses are always on the move. There was no way I could understand that because where I grew up, we had taxis and bikes and you could choose if you want a particular one or not. I mean, you could decide if you want to go with a particular taxi/bike or not and when you are not sure, you just wait for the next one. I always had options and as a matter of fact, when they go farther than where you are standing, you could be certain that they would either reverse to come pick you up or wait for you to walk up to the ride. It was that simple and easy.

So, when I wanted to come live here, I was extremely scared about how I was going to cope. I should probably also note that I was about 18years old before I started travelling alone and hailing down a cab. Now, that’s the place I was coming from. I do not have a car yet, so I knew that there was no way I could escape the bus rides.

However, I am thankful for the Lagos that I came to live in. it’s a little bit different from the Lagos that I heard of. For the most of my stay here, buses have actually waited for me to enter before zooming off (sitting does not count though). Going to work is almost effortless as I have gotten bus rides almost immediately I get to the bus stop, and without any hustle. I mean, on rare occasions have I ever being stuck in traffic in the morning on work days, in Lagos (I don’t think it has even happened this year). My 5am rush to the bus stop are paying off and I am excited about it.

I am grateful because this was one major source of worry for me and I might have mentioned it a few times in my morning prayers before setting out of the house. Apparently, my prayers were answered and I have that ease (No bruises, no delay, no stress). Isn’t that amazing? Well…… till I add my cars to the already many cars on the roads in Lagos, I am just going to enjoy this bus rides and hope that I keep these timely rides up.

Photo Credit: Dami Akinbode on Unsplash

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