Miniature Gratitude: The Gift that my Boss is

By Moyinoluwa Okunloye

You obviously already saw that today’s series is about what a gift my boss is to me. I want to express how much I adore the privilege to have a woman so graceful as my boss and friend.

From the week I started working for her, few people in my office had started asking if I had ever worked with her before. The question came from dismay at how easily we bonded. I cannot explain the bond myself. It was in the little things. In the understanding of personality, wants, needs and pet peeves. It’s in the reading between the lines, facial expressions and silence.

I do not bond easily with people, so I was as surprised as the people who saw the closeness was. But she made it easy. She taught patiently and understood easily. She gave so many allowances and room for me to be initiative. She pushed gently. I mean, no many bosses would push for their Personal assistants to submit CV’s elsewhere. She would send job links and follow up to be sure that I was/was not considering them. She was interested right from the interview stage.


Photo credit: Pablo Varela on Unsplash.

She asked, “what exactly do you want to do or is this your dream?” “I want to lecture, write, and edit,” I answered. “So, why are you here?” She retorted. “This is a good stop on the way to where I am going,” I replied. Immediately I said those words out loud, I regretted it. I thought, how could I have said that to someone who is trying to recruit me? That would mean I am not serious about the job. I thought about a thousand and one reasons I had blew up my chance. But she smiled and after a few other questions, she let me go. And I got the call for the job (I still don’t know why).

Apparently, she listened that day and she pushed for me to be in line with what I really want to do. I am blessed by the gift of a mother, sister, and friend in her much more than she being (She still is) my boss. And even as I move ahead to live the dream and forge ahead in my career, I will forever be grateful for the bond. I will be grateful for the privilege. I will always be thankful for showing me the good version of what bosses are supposed to be. And I will treasure all that you have done (and still doing) because you are a hero in my very eyes.


Thank you and thank God for the gift of you to me.


Photo credit: Marten Bjork on Unsplash.

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