Cheers to the smell of books!!!

By Moyinoluwa Okunloye

I took on a new challenge. Although I had no idea how tedious and nerve – racking it will be, I took it on. And oh! It is not funny.

Since I began this new phase three weeks ago, I have asked myself everyday why I always have to make everything complicated. I have questioned my need for fire in my bossom at all times and why I never seem to be satisfied for long, on anything. I had to ask because that was what got me into this. Well, I do not have an answer yet. All I know is that I wanted a new challenge. I wanted a path in my career. I wanted something to look forward to as having a future for me. So, I left my job with my awesome boss and I went back to school. It has being hell!

I have never for one day since I started, felt competent. I sometimes feel like I am drowning. As a matter of fact, I feel overwhelmed right now. But every day, I get up from sleep grudgingly, determined to put in the work. I will keep showing up, doing what I need to do and a little extra (if it gets to that) and watch how God makes it work for my good.

If I have ever told you that I had ever been in a difficult situation before, please forget what I told you. This right now, is a difficult situation. I am struggling to stay afloat. But I know I will. I wanted this and now I have it. So, I am going to deal with it. And exactly what I want will come out from it.

So, yeah! Cheer with me ……… the smell of books.


Photo credit: Sara KurfeB on Unsplash

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