By Moyinoluwa Okunloye

By now you already know that I overthink everything, and I don’t think about anything at all. Yeah, that’s the complication that I go through in my life. I don’t even understand it.

I am usually the girl who never thinks anything is sufficient, especially when it comes to something that I have done or anything that I have to do. I do not see that I have ever done enough or that I could ever do enough. Which is why I think too much into an idea, a visit, a gift, a phone call, text message or this write up that I should have written since yesterday that I have been thinking about it. Usually, overthinking it eventually leads to not doing it at all. Exactly! Most phone calls, text messages, visits and most especially ideas never made it pass the stage of conception………. Just because I thought too much into it to the point that they became bad ideas.


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However, I learn every day and I am beginning to realize that nothing will ever be good enough. I probably will never see any of my write ups here as perfect (I am always fishing for my own errors). Nothing I do for anyone will probably ever be enough (they (and I myself) might not even see it as anything). No sacrifice I make now for my future, for life, and for happiness will often times look like barely scratching the surface.

But the minute that it feels good to do, the moment the idea comes through and it looks promising, I had better get to work. Or else, it will never get done. It will again fizzle out joining a pile of dead ideas that begged for survival. I better act on it when I think it is worth it. Because it will never be perfect. No, it will never be.

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