My pain, my process; the journey of my life

By Temitope Omogbolagun

Receiving the invite from Moyinoluwa, I wondered what exactly I would write my gratitude on from the numerous things happening in my life.

Right before my eyes, my life has continued to amaze me, in fact, I am dazed at the dawning of each day about the wonders that ooze out of my life.


Looking at my antecedent, who born me to have dared dream this big? but each day, my dreams keep becoming a reality.

Every one of my steps is an action towards the big step towards my dreams. Just like the Yoruba adage says, eni ba monu ro, a mopo da ( He who thinks deeply, will know how to give thanks).  I wouldn’t have thought I would come this far in such a short time.


My journey is different, it’s unique, I mean! it isn’t common. From being an intern and the Lord told me I would still work at my place of work. Waiting for four years to see the word come to pass wasn’t an easy one though. When I felt it was the right time for me to return, the Lord felt it wasn’t time and all effort proved abortive. But in that season of searching for a fulfilling job, I discovered the best part of me. I built capacity at that time of loneliness, I became really strong. Locking myself up in my room every day prepared me for the days I would walk in the storm. It didn’t prepare me alone; God was saying AMEN to some prayers I offered in that room.

I got the job finally without so much ado (smiles). My hands finally became busy doing what it was ordained for. I didn’t just get a job, I got into my calling too.


To crown it all, I got the gift of humans. I met people who helped me deal with fear. People who threw me into the air so I could learn to use my wings, people who made me know I was much more than I had ever thought. Those who made me understand that it was okay to fail; that failure is still a part of the process.

Having amazing people around me made me grow so fast; taking baby steps, crawling, limping, walking, running, flying and maybe skydiving. I wouldn’t have thought I would grow so fast but I am growing well.


Photo by Elias Maurer on Unsplash

Oh! Did I gist you about my friends? They are the best, I mean absolutely the best.

I have always had friends but somewhere in my heart I had longed for amazing people that would share a part of me. They are people who, even though I didn’t know we would be this close, I can call friends closer than siblings.

I believe in destiny and I believe that friendship is a very key factor when it comes to success. Have you heard of that popular adage that says you can’t rise above your ten closest friends? It is very true.


Don’t get me wrong, I am not a loner. I have always had acquaintances but I have always been on a quest for true and genuine friendship. You remember they say, “a problem shared is half solved.” This is so true when you have like-minds who take your problem as theirs. Friends that I can pick up my phone at any time of the day and say, “I messed up” and their first response will be,  “we are in this together, don’t be too hard on yourself.” Friends who can always restore my brain to factory settings with their words of wisdom. Friends who are genuinely happy when they see me joyful (they are that superb). Till now, I still can’t explain, when or how we got so connected, but one thing I can boldly say is that they are answers to my long years of prayers. You bet I should be grateful for these ones I have been blessed with; my precious jewels.


My gratitude story would remain incomplete without mentioning how I stumbled into blogging. While seeking a job, I expended my energy on reading, studying and praying, the last one odiikwa important. I felt inspired to share my thoughts and inspire people, I did a 31-day series motivations and ended there. Much later, I picked thoughts from my heart and wrote randomly to accompany my photos on Instagram, but there was this desire to lift others in their down moments in me. However, I didn’t know how to go about it.

When it was time to get the bearing right, I went through a major set back, everything about me was on a halt. The only reason I never thought suicide was an option was that I am a Christian. I almost lost it all. I couldn’t process why I had to go through that experience of all the things to pass through in this life. I lost the vibe for everything; I didn’t want to do anything for myself again. Again, my precious jewels were there for me. Their words of encouragement pulled me out and oftentimes, thoughts will drop in my heart, and I would try them out. And once they work for me, I would teach others by posting on my social media pages. Bit by bit, I started to come out of the dungeon of depression. I began to try my therapy on myself before teaching others and from there, I began my motivation writings. My journey has been about highs and lows but I am grateful for how much I have emerged.

I am thankful for my low moments even when I am in a happy place because those periods equipped me for the exciting seasons.


Featured Photo by EQT BIKE on Unsplash


Tope Omogbolagun is first of all God’s precious child, a journalist and a blogger on She is passionate about Change and Leadership but it is a very important to add that she loves to cook and enjoys eating good food.


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