Miniature Gratitude, Massive Obligation

By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

Psst! Attention!

Okay, no need to be dramatic. I would just like to draw your attention to one thing. This will be brief, don’t worry.

Have you ever been in a situation where you prayed for something so hard, because you needed it, and you were certain you may not get it, because maybe you did not deserve it, or maybe the odds were completely against you, or well, life simply happens?

But then bam! That thing you had been praying for randomly falls on your lap at some point. I mean, so random that you do not even realize you just got your prayer answered, until hours, sometimes, days later…

Maybe I’m just peculiar, but I have found myself in such situation at different occasions. It appears that God likes to answer my prayers in the most unassuming ways, causing me to almost forget that I just received what I had been praying for; but as a good child, when I realize it, obviously, I do the needful instantly – I show gratitude.

I thank God, I pray, I testify, etc.

But what about the things we get that we do not even pray for them? Like at all! The most basic things, really…

I’m not talking about the air we breathe, or even your health or the life you live for that matter (these are too crucial not to be grateful for, so better be sure to make gratitude for these a daily routine).


Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash

No, I am referring to things like having a very smooth, hitch-free first day at school; or enjoying the positive attention of your boss for a full day (he or she just happens to continuously single you out for good and it seems everything you do that day is just right); or finding the road traffic-free after a hectic day at work; or getting home to meet electricity on a day where you really needed it; or a colleague randomly offering to buy you lunch (even if you were not broke).

You get the drift now; think about the most random acts of sheer grace you have recently enjoyed.

Easy to overlook, aren’t they? You would not even notice them sometimes. And sometimes, when we do notice, we share them on Twitter. “Wow, traffic-free road on a Monday!”, we tweet. We get the likes, other people agree, we get the retweets, replies and comments… and that ends it.

But on days when things are not going well, we are quick to say, “Oh God! Why is everything going wrong with me?”

Do you feel guilty yet?

If you do, then maybe you need to change your attitude about miniature gratitude. Because truly, when is gratitude really miniature?

In all things, give thanks!


Featured Photo by Diana Simumpande on Unsplash


I’m Oluwatoyin Adeleye and I think my name is too common (almost every Yoruba family has a Toyin). I’m a writer, an adventurer and a free-spirit, tamed by the Holy Spirit. I like the arts – literally everything arts-related – but I’m not a fanatic. Also, I don’t like plantain and I’m a junk food addict. Judge me!

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