COVID -19LockdownChronicles: A love letter (2)

Dear Introverts,

Someone after my own heart, how are you? How is Christmas going for you? The best time of your life where the world for once, succumb to your way of life, doesn’t it feel great? I bet you never saw this coming? I hope you are enjoying it? Is it as delightful as you had hoped it would be?

I didn’t think so either.

The first week was a walk in the park, right? It was a good time to check off items on the bucket list. It was the perfect time to get some readings done, and maybe you are writing up a storm like I am attempting to do. Oh! The best time to relax and get work done at your own pace – answers to all your prayers, even in the worst circumstances. God does have a good sense of humor.

But the days keep stretching and the uncertainty of when it would end is killing. The silence in the house is becoming too loud. Virtual communication is not the same as physical touch and feelings. And you know yourself, your mind goes straight to the worst scenarios possible. Oh boy! the images in your head are not exactly beautiful.

You are not a monster. You do not detest people. I know that. You only just like space. But space and isolation is not the same when it is recommended by the government as it is when you make that decision for yourself. You who have claimed to never get bored is now clamoring for some connection. You want some background noise now. You want to have silence but in the midst of noise and real human banter.

Oh! I know all about it. It was not supposed to go on for this long. But this is where we are.


Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Hang in there, Buddy. Craft a routine and make walking on the street where actual breeze can touch you a priority. If you cannot strike up conversations with people on the street, sit in the front of your house and watch the few people on the street as they interact. Use your creativity to make a story out of their interactions.

Sit a little longer outside if you can. Carry your notepad along and make those people the background noise you seek for you to feel better. Listen less to the voice in your head that is starting to dig up the hole of depression for you. Don’t pay attention to the force that is prompting you to harm yourself. Take long walks and feel the air.

This is the time you have always wanted. Use it to dance silly like you imagined you would. Sing out aloud, who cares! Do whatever you need to do to make you be sane and healthy. Make more video calls to families and friends, if you can.

Whatever you do, remember that you are a day closer to the end of this insanity. And no one understands this system more than you do. Therefore, utilize it only for the best.


I love you. I truly feel you.


Your Kin,

Moyinoluwa Okunloye


Featured Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

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