Miniature Gratitude: My thoughtful names

By Moyinoluwa Okunloye Here in my part of the world, names are often given to children based on circumstances around the birth of the child or even, the feelings of the parents and family members at the time. But my names hardly gave anything away about the circumstances surrounding my birth. My names proved to…

I found love!!!!

By Moyinoluwa Okunloye *NOTE: I have a pen-pal who I often share the most vulnerable details of the progress and setbacks in my life with, before I find the courage to post it up here. I wrote this letter to my friend in January just to appreciate how beneficial our acquaintance has being to me….

From one addict to another: Seeking validation from others

I always wanted to be agreeable. Not necessarily because I wanted to be popular but merely as a source of satisfaction.  I wanted to be liked; to be perceived as admirable. And so, I would be in a gathering of young people like myself, but rather than be me, I’d be thinking of how best to conform, look and feel like a part of them.

From one addict to another: Friends

By Oluwafemi Fadiya “Guy please lend me 10k, I really need to make a trip”, he said that night, obviously distressed. I didn’t quite have the money, but I had to find a way.  You see, that had always been my pride, or problem, depending on how you view human relationships. That need to always…

While I Was Waiting For You, I Took the Time to Love Myself

By Salma Elbarmani I used to ask myself all kinds of questions about you. I wondered what you’d look like, if you’d have dark hair and gorgeous dark features. I wondered if you’d be tall, although you wouldn’t even have to hit 6 feet to tower above me. I often asked myself if you’d be…